Why the number of cell-lines in Q4 is less than Q3?

Dear DepMap community,
Hi, I have a minor question about the sample_info data in DepMap Public 21Q4.
About three month before, I downloaded the 21Q3 data from DepMap portal.
But when I checked the new version of DepMap (21Q4), the number of sample info were decreased than 21Q3 from 2944 to 1825.
Moreover, the number of primary diseases and lineages are less than previous version, too.
Is data being collected now?

I’ll take a look at this, but 2,944 sounds too larger than it should have been and I suspect there’s a large number of records that should not have been included. We intend sample_info to include records in sample info for models which we are releasing data (or have data produced by other people, but we’ve incorporated that data into the portal). So, while there are more records in the sample records file, there isn’t actually any data associated with those extra records.

The version in the 21Q4 release looks correct, so I’d ignore the 21Q3 version and use the 21Q4 version instead.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Thank you for your reply.
I attached the download page of 21Q3 and 21Q4 that showing the differences between the number of cell-lines

As you recommended, I’ll use 21Q4 data for more reliable results.
Thank you for your suggestion.


Yes, thanks. We’ll be retracting the 21Q3 one soon to avoid future confusion.


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