Whicn one I need to download?

I have some questions,
I want to get the CERES score of A gene.Whicn one I need to download? Can you telll me the difference between these?

Thank you

Hello! If you’d like the CERES score for a gene you can use one of the following datasets from the downloads page:

  • DepMap Public 21Q3 Achilles_gene_effect_CERES - computed using data from DepMap’s Project Achilles (~970 cell lines)
  • Sanger CRISPR (Project Score, CERES) gene_effect - computed with data from Sanger’s Project Score (~320 cell lines)
  • DepMap Public 21Q3 Achilles_gene_effect_CERES - integrated Achilles and Score dataset (>1000 cell lines, with batch correction)

Please note that CERES will not be run in future releases, as it has been replaced Chronos.