What is CERES score?

Hey guys, I recently read a research paper that mentioned something called a “CERES score.” It seems to be related to cell lines, but I’m having trouble understanding its exact definition.

Hi, I can’t give you the exact definition, but at a high level the CERES scores is calculated for each cell line-gene combination, and it tells you for cell line X how much it depends on gene Y. It’s sometimes also called a dependency score for that reason. A rough rule of thumb on interpreting the CERES scores: a 0 means there is no dependency; a -1 is the score observed for known pan essential genes.

A newer version of the dependency score is CHRONOS which I believe uses CERES as input.

Hope this helps.

I’ll also offer that we now refer to this as “Gene Effect” on the portal. CERES was the original method that computed Gene Effects with this scale as @dllahr described, but we now we use Chronos, our newer method, to compute a score with the same scale.