Gene effect and CERES score

I am trying to understand the portal and having difficulty in understanding how the CERES score from CRISPR screen are related to gene effect?

So, I understand that for CRISPR and RNAi ; chronos and DEMETER are used to determine the dependency and then a skewed model is used to check the dependency.

But how is CERES (which check cell depletion) used in the gene effect? Or is it not used at all?

Apologies, if this is a really basic question.

Hi Shubhra,

Chronos is a successor to CERES. It serves the same function: to estimate the viability effect of knocking out a gene from guide level data. For a while when we transitioned from CERES to Chronos we offered both versions of the data. Now however we have stopped running CERES, and only historical datasets include CERES data.