Type of growth media of cell lines

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I found my data for mRNA expression of ELOVL5 in breast cancer cell lines (MCF7, ZR-75-1, T47D). I was wondering if there is any information on the condition of cell line growth including the types of media, and percentage of FBS?
Were cell lines cultured in FBS or charcoal-stripped FBS?


For these three lines, the media annotations are:
MCF7 - MF-015-010: EMEM + 10% FBS + 0.01 mg/ml recombinant insulin
ZR-75-1 - MF-001-001: RPMI + 10% FBS
T47D - MF-001-045: RPMI + 10% FBS + 2ug/ml Insulin

We have also updated our media annotations in the Models.csv and ModelCondition.csv metadata files to include codes and a description for all cell lines for your reference in the future.


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That was very informative.


I am looking for the media used to culture some cell lines I would like to order.
In the ModelCondition and Media files from the metadata, I am reading : “MEM + 10% FBS” for one cell line and “RPMI + 10% FBS” for the other. But there are many different MEM and RPMI media available, with different compositions. Is the catalog number and provider of these media available somewhere ?

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