Sanger GDSC1 and GDSC2 drug doses


How were you able to get the titration points/doses for GDSC1 in the sanger viability dataset? where can I find the same for GDSC2? Not sure if I’ve missed this somewhere but I can’t seem to find the dilution factor or the different doses used in GDSC2 with cell viability data. Would be very happy for some help!

Thank you

Hello SubD,

We downloaded GDSC1 and GDSC2 datasets from the original source Drug Download Page - Cancerrxgene - Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer and reprocessed for dose-response curves, you can find the original documentation for the data from there.

On our portal, you can check the available doses for each compound and cell line using the “dose” column in the “sanger-viability.csv” from the “Downloads” page.