Retired DepMap IDs

I’ve noticed there’s a fair amount of depmap ids that seem to be retired. Is there an official, running list of these ids? Trying to ensure my future analysis can be integrated with older work.

The depmap id: ACH-002203, no longer on the depmap site, and appears to have been replaced with ACH-000428.

Yes, there are cases where we originally registered two distinct cell lines, but later discovered that our samples were in fact from the same line. In such cases we pick one of the two IDs we’ve assigned for the line and use that ID moving forward. (ACH-002203 data merging into ACH-000428 is an example of this)

In our internal bookkeeping we track these merges, but I can’t think of anywhere where externally it gets shared. I’ll follow up with the people who track this and ask about publishing this list.


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