Mutation discrepancy PC-3 and PC3JPC3

Cell line PC-3 (prostate, ACH-000090) is reported in the current DepMap release as having an EGFR exon 19 in-frame deletion. This mutation is not reported in PC-3 in COSMIC.
PC3JPC3 (lung, ACH-002184) is EGFR wild-type in DepMap, but is EGFR exon 19 mutant in COSMIC and literature.

Could there have been a mix-up of some sort between mutation data of PC-3 and PC3JPC3?

Thank you in advance.



Thanks for reporting this. You are correct. I checked these two lines across all of our omics data as well as across several loci. Comparing to our RNAseq, WGS, and Hybrid Capture, it seems like our WES data for these two lines have been swapped. We will fix this issue in an upcoming data release.