The mutation data of EGFR doesn't match with publications

I’m searching mutations on the exon 20 of EGFR. However, after I downloaded the csv file, I found that the “End Position” seemed not fit the data in As the Transcript ends at [55,211,628] in, but in the csv file, many mutations locate after [55,273,200].
Also, many publications report that the EGFR exon 20 encode p761D to p775C. I searched in this range in the “Protein Change” column, and found p.I764V, p.S766F, and p.L770L. But the publication (DOI: [10.1016/j.ctrv.2020.102105) reported that the wildtype EGFR should have 764Y, 766M, and 770D.
I wonder whether I misunderstand the csv file or did I make any mistakes in my research?

Thank you!

Hello Qiang,

I think you are overlooking the reference genome’s build version:

We are on hg19 for the mutations to match with TCGA’s data.


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Great jkobject!

That’s in my blind zone, you really saved me!

Thanks a lot!