Improve cell line selector

When filtering by a given lineage in cell line selector, there can of course be multiple subtypes that belong to that lineage. For example when filtering by Peripheral Nervous System:

There are 2 subtypes belonging to this lineage: Neuroblastoma and Nerve Sheath Tumor. But if one wants to quickly filter out nerve sheath tumor, they are presented with all subtypes, not just the two existing ones:

Over multiple lists/cell lines/lineages, this becomes a bit of a nuisance. It would be convenient if the only subtypes populated in the subtype filter list were only Neuroblastoma and Nerve Sheath Tumor (in this example), and for the same in the Lineage sub-subtype category.


That’s a really good point. A challenge to implementing this is (presently) each column in cell line selector is filtered independently, and so the subtype column doesn’t have knowledge about what the lineage is.

(I wonder if we could do something where we only show the options if we consider the other filters.) I’m not sure exactly how we’ll address this offhand, but I think you have a good point and I’ll add this to the dev queue as something to explore how we improve this.


On a similar note, it would be great if we could merge/filter one custom list with/by a second custom list. Downloading two lists, combining them, and uploading the new list is simple, but filtering out cells is not as easy.

This partially stems from wanting to compare a custom list against all other cell lines, except the non-cancerous ones or those with a different growth pattern.