How to access older CRISPR Avana Public datasets?

Late last year, I used the CRISPR (Avana) Public dataset to analyze the perturbation effects of some genes of interest. It was version 20Q4. Recently, I was revisiting my data analysis and trying to work with the same datasets, but, as the CRISPR (Avana) Public dataset had been updated, the only version available was the latest one, 21Q1. I still have the 20Q4 Excel files for the genes that I had searched for, but now I would like to look at many more genes of interest. Is there any way I can access the older version 20Q4 for these datasets, so that I can remain consistent among all the genes that I analyze? Thank you for your help!

All past datasets should be available for download on the portal. However, when you say “the only version available was the latest one” are you referring to in Data Explorer?

Yes, we only keep the latest version of the data loaded into the portal for visualization and analysis to keep the number of the datasets manageable. To use historical data, I’d recommend downloading it from the download section of the portal.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your help! I looked in the Downloads section but was unable to find the dataset that I was looking for.

As an example, I search for BCLAF1 (BCL2 associated transcription factor 1), click on “Perturbation Effects,” then under “Choose a dataset,” I would like to access CRISPR (Avana) Public 20Q4. How would I go about doing that?

On a related note, how long will the CRISPR (Avana) Public 21Q1 dataset remain available until it is updated to CRISPR (Avana) Public 21Q2? Judging by the name, it seems to be due for an update in April.

Thanks again,