HCC1395: implausible ploidy estimate

Thank you for the incredible resource! I was looking at the ploidy entry for the HCC1395 cell line in CCLE_ABSOLUTE_combined_20181227.xlsx, and it reports an estimate of 1.48. This seems highly unlikely, as the karyotype analysis for this cell line performed by the The Somatic Working Group of SEQC-II Consortium suggests it is hypertetraploid. For details, see: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/626440v3.supplementary-material

Thanks for pointing this out Max!
These ABSOLUTE data were generated as part of the CCLE2 paper. We aren’t currently estimating ploidy ourselves, so we just provide those data as a resource. Generating new estimates of ploidy is on our radar though.