SUPT1 cell line ploidy


I was exploring copy number (absolute) data and more specific copy number changes of SUPT1 cells. Manual of these cells tells that they have tetraploid genome, however when I explored data and downloaded the absolute copynumber data, the ploidy of this cells line is ~2. Could you clarify why it is ~2 or have I understand something wrong? Other cell line I explored had correct ploidies.

Thank you in advance!


Hi. Can you explain a bit on how you determined tetraploidy in this line? -thanks

Hi jnoorbak,

We have not determided it by ourselves, but we have read it from this references:
The Leukemia-Lymphoma Cell Line FactsBook by Hans G Drexler, page 405

From your data portal I downloaded CCLE_ABSOLUTE_combined_20181227.xlsx, and in its tab called “ABSOLUTE_combined.table” ploidy for sample SUPT1_HAEMATOPOIETIC_AND_LYMPHOID_TISSUE ACH-000953 is 1.98.

Thank you!

looking at the sources you shared it seems like the lines is hypotetraploid, so I’m guessing the overall ploidy should be between 2-4. We rely on ABSOLUTE inferences for these and they are not always accurate. It is possible that the algorithm has missed this case.