Gene dependency score of RNAi screening data (DEMETER2)


The value of D2_combined_gene_dep_scores.csv seems to be a gene effect, not a gene dependency. Is there no gene dependency data with a value of 0 to 1 like the dependency score of CRISPR_gene_dependency.csv?


You can find more DepMap-like versions of the combined RNAi dataset (following the conventions of the CRISPR datasets for gene_dependency and gene_effect) at DEMETER 2 Combined RNAi.

@Joshua_Dempster Thanks for your answer. I have a question about the gene dependency of the link you provided. Like the dependency score of CRISPR, can this dependency score be considered dependent if it is 0.5 or higher?

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As with the CRISPR data, 0.5 means an estimated 50% probability that the gene score represents a true dependency.