FYI - not updated chrom reported .txt.gz as "dangerous file"

Just an FYI - a not updated version of chrome reported .txt.gz as “dangerous file” when downloading from the downloads page. (RRBS file to be specific). This the latest update of chrome that I applied today - in other words my browser was not wildly out of date. Updating it fixed the problem.


That sounded surprising so I thought I’d try it to see which behavior I got. However, when I went to download the RRBS data, it appeared to be a “.txt” file not “.txt.gz”


Were these the files you were downloading, or something different?

Thank you for checking - I was actually looking at the other 4 RRBS files - the top 4 in this image:

I see the same behavior you describe when downloading the 5th file - it downloads as a txt file.

NB: with updated chrome I don’t get the security warning