downloading crispr 22q2

hello, last year I downloaded the dataset for CRISPR screen dependency and RNAi directly into the R environment but it seems that it has been update now, could it be a way to download again the one from last year. I’m checking at the website but it only has the depmap ID and dependencies and I need the one that downloads into the R environment w 6 columns.
Thank u in advance

There’s a few details in that question that suggest that I’m not sure how to answer your question.

I don’t recognize what “the one that downloads into the R environment w 6 columns” is.

When you say you downloaded the CRISPR dataset directly into the R environment, how did you do that? The DepMap project doesn’t offer any direct programatic access, only downloads through the portal’s UI.

Is it possible that you were using this R package? Bioconductor - depmap

This was written and maintained by people outside of the DepMap project and I’ve never used it myself, but that’s my best guess as to what you might be looking for?


Hi ,
yes I used R package Bioconductor - depmap to download the data. But now that I want to download again; the data have change it and I need the data from 2021 and no the updated version. any way how I could get it ?

We’re not in contact with the authors of the depmap package on bioconductor so I don’t have any influence over getting that package updated.

However, you should be able to download the data from the portal as CSV files and transform it to whatever structure you would like.