Depmap portal down

For the past two days it seems like nothing on Depmap is loading. It’ll open the front page but if I try to select any of the tabs or look up a gene I get a blank screen as if it’s going to load in but never does. Not sure if this is a universal issue right now or just me. Getting the same thing on my computer and phone though.

We did have our large bi-annual release recently which lines up with when you say you started having trouble with it.

However, when I go to the portal everything looks like it’s working to me:

Since we had a large update, the chances that something may have changed which could cause problems is higher than usual, and if it’s not working for you, I wonder if it’s not working from anyone else.

(If anyone else sees similar problems please chime in on this thread.)

In any event, can you please tell us which browser you are using on your phone and computer?

It appears to be exclusively a problem on my Safari but works perfectly on Google Chrome. Again, not sure if this is just for me or for anyone else but definitely seems like a browser specific thing like you mentioned.