Dependencies enriched files/ t-statistic and p-value columns

Hello everyone,
Recently I started using depmap to check the best-targeted kinase for some cancers. After downloading Dependencies enriched files, I got a table with t-statistic and p-value columns (as seen below). I tried to find answers about what they refer to and how they are calculated, but I could not find any answers.
Also, what is the best way to find the targeted kinase (is it the lowest t-statistic or p-value)?
Please help me with this.

Thank you!

run_lm_stats_limma function in this code is used to calculate these numbers.
another question on the forum on this
There is a table for each cell line group (cancer lineage) e.g. lung cancer, that shows which gene/compounds are enriched in that group vs. all other cells. The enriched lineages for CRISPR and RNAi datasets are shown as a boxplot on the summary page when you search a gene.