CRISPRGeneEffect vs. ScreenGeneEffect

What is the difference between these 2 files? - I could not see any differences specified in the README file

Basically the difference between CRISPRGeneEffect and ScreenGeneEffect is what these two datasets use as their primary key.

In the CRISPRGeneEffect table, rows are unique per ModelID and in ScreenGeneEffect, rows are uniquely defined by Screen ID. There is a many-to-one relationship between ModelID and ScreenID, or in other words, the ScreenGeneEffect reports data at a finer grained level.

For example, we may have screening data for a model from project Score and also have screening data from that same model that was performed at the Broad. In ScreenGeneEffect, these two screens are represented separately as two distinct profiles, whereas in CRISPRGeneEffect, these two screens are combined by Chronos to a single profile for that Model.


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