Difference between CRISPR Public + Score Chronos and CRISPR Public Chronos datasets

Can you please explain the difference between CRISPR Public + Score Chronos and CRISPR Public Chronos datasets? What does the + score refer to? Which dataset is more suitable to analyzing gene dependency of cancer cell lines?
Thank you.

“CRISPR Public + Score Chronos” referred to a harmonized version of CRISPR screens produced at the Broad Institute and Project Score data, which was generated at the Sanger Institute. Whereas the
“CRISPR Public Chronos” dataset refers to only those CRISPR screens which were generated at the Broad Institute.

(See https://score.depmap.sanger.ac.uk/ for more information about Project Score.)

For most purposes, we recommend using the largest dataset we have, which is the “CRISPR Public + Score Chrono”.

Just be aware that the Broad and the Sanger CRISPR datasets did use different protocols and there are meaningful differences between the two (or example, they measured different time points) and so where they disagree, genes receive a “averaged” score which will be somewhere between the score that the two datasets reported individually. (See Agreement between two large pan-cancer CRISPR-Cas9 gene dependency data sets | Nature Communications for more information on how these two datasets are different)

But in general, we recommend starting with the merged dataset for most purposes.

Thank you very much for your helpful reply.
I think it would be helpful to have such information on the datasets that are held in DepMap as part of the DepMap website.