Copy Number nomenclature

Hello all. I really appreciate all of your efforts to keep this site running and keeping the data current. I am interested in looking at the copy number of genes located within the same chromosome across all cell lines. Most of the time there is a nice identify line with a perfect correlation of Copy Number between two genes that are close to each other in the genome. There are cell lines however, that have a CN=0 for one gene and a higher CN for the other. When I hover over the dots on the data explorer, the number has a greek symbol at the end of it. Can someone help me understand what the greek letter is?
(Example, data explorer tool, SMAD4 copy number (21Q2 public) and VPS4B copy number (21Q2 public) and then look at cell line WPE1NA22. The CN for SMAD4 is 1.587295n?) Thanks

I see “n” when I hover over.
Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 4.29.43 PM

I suspect the plotting library we’re is using SI suffixes instead of scientific notation for small numbers. I’ll need to look into that… But regardless, I think it’s trying to use “n” for “nano” or “scale by 1e-9”.

Regardless if you click “download” on the left you can see the value there:

ACH-001422,1.5872949486832442e-09,1.0163288744182042,WPE1NA22,Prostate Cancer,Prostate