Missing copy number values from the last 5 genes from all the cell lines

I am seeing the last 5 genes’ copy number values are missing from all the cell lines with “ProfileType = dna” in the OmicsCNGene.csv of the 22Q4 releasing, downloaded from https://figshare.com/ndownloader/files/38357438

The 5 genes are SNORD38B (94163),SCARNA4 (677771),SNORA50A (677830),SNORD3D (780854),POLR2J3 (548644).

Can you check if this could be an issue / a mistake?

Thank you,

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Hi Alice,

In 22Q4 the copy number matrix contains a small portion of “legacy” data which we don’t reprocess every release. In this case, only these legacy lines have copy number data in the regions of these five genes. We are currently working on re-sequencing these lines so we can reprocess them each release instead of concatenating historic data.