Cell Strainer Wokring?

Hello dear development team,

I’m trying to use the Cell Strainer tool to investigate the origin of one of my cell lines (allegedly the Ewing sarcoma cell line ES-1, but sequencing data shows it is something else).

I filled everything according to the guidelines, and tried the example MCF7 cell line file to make sure that the problem is not with my own .seg file. The analysis keeps on failing (I get the following error):

Any idea what can I do to solve the matter?

Thank you.

I’ve confirmed that the module that runs the analysis for cell strainer appears to have stopped working.

I wasn’t involved in writing the analysis performed so I don’t fully understand the cause, but the error messages appearing in the log suggest that it’s using either data or a service from an external site to do some mapping and that service is now behaving differently then before.

I’ll follow up with folks here to see what we can do to resolve this. Given that the original author is no longer at the Broad, I’d guess this may take us some time to address. (But I could be mistaken)