Cell lines previously found do not appear in the same gene analysis

I search information of VDAC2 at 2 days interval and the results are not the same. In Enriched Lineages, I found Multiple myeloma and plasma cell as the top dependent cells on december 14th . Surprisingly, today (december 16th) for te same gene, Melanoma, Skin and plasma cell myeloma appeared instead of what I found in the first query (screenshoot of 2 queries are enclosed). While clikining in “view details”, myeloma cells are not present anymore, while n=21 myeloma cell lines were identified in the first query. Could you explain me what did it happen? which results are reliable?

I believe the difference you’re seeing is because on Dec 14th the portal and the depmap data was updated ( Announcing the 22Q4 Release! )

Data was reprocessed using our latest pipelines, but I suspect the difference you’re referring to is due our switch to using OncoTree’s nomenclature instead of the labels we’d been using previously.