Unable to display cell lines from a custom list in graphs

I uploaded a custom list to the graphing page in the explore your data section, but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do with these cell lines after that.
There are no options to display or color these cell lines in the graphs.
I thought I could do this in the past.
I am using Google Chrome Version 123.0.6312.87 to look at the Depmap portal.

If you define a list of cell lines (which we call a "context) via Cell Line Selector (which is what you’re using if you use the “Create/edit List” option in Data Explorer) then you can use that context for running two-class comparisons or “highlighting” cell lines on plots.

In the version of the portal which is released to the public this is called, “Find cell lines” under “View Options”


However, in the next update to the portal, the controls are quite different and includes an option to color by ‘context’.