I cannot find Accession numbers of data for SRA search


I am very new for this databases, I’ve downloaded the sample_info.csv file to choose samples in terms of features after that I turned to SRA of NCBI to search samples’ raw data I choosed. Although tissues are paired in terms of it’s names (cell line). I cannot search the samples in SRA platform in terms of depmap ID’s starts from ACH and sampe_info.csv file doesn’t contain SRA accession number that starts with SRX. My question is how can I search samples that I choosed in SRA like raw data downloadable databases, or how can I find SRX accession numbers of samples in sample_info.csv file in terms of ACH-XXXXXXX number.

I don’t know much about SRA, but I believe all of the Omics data was submitted under the single accession number PRJNA523380.

See “Where can I find the raw genomics sequencing data?” for more information.