Finding data licenses


What is the best way to determine the data license governing the usage of a file available for download on the DepMap portal?

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When you click on a file to download from the “Files Download” section, we show the licensing terms that you download.

For example, all data generated at the Broad as part of the DepMap project are released under a “CC Attribution 4.0” license. You should be prompted with the following pop-up the first time you download a file:


(We save a cookie to remember you’ve consented, so if you don’t see this pop-up, you may need to clear your cookies to get it to re-appear)

In addition, may datasets request that you cite specific papers when using the data. You can see this information by clicking “View full release details”. For example for the CCLE 2019 paper, we list the following citations:


Hello Phil,

Thanks for the explanation. Would it be possible to make this information available in a more reproducible way?

Also, some of the links are unclear. For example, to download the CCLE Metabolomics data, I am referred to this page: DepMap: The Cancer Dependency Map Project at Broad Institute

On this page, I am told that it is my responsibility to “ensure that [my] exploitation of the data does not infringe any of the rights of such third parties.” How can I figure out what these rights are and whether I am infringing them?