Discrepancy between Chronos InferredCommonEssentials and Web portal data

I have noticed that some genes which are considered common essential on the web portal (such as PPRC1 or ASH2L) are not found in the 23Q4 ChronosInferredCommonEssentials list. Is there a reason for this discrepancy?

Thank you very much for your help!

This sounds like something that we should investigate. I don’t believe there’s any intentional discrepancy and I believe the methodology used to determine what’s common essential is the same in both cases. However, it is being computed twice in two different places so it’s entirely possible that there is some difference between the two implementations.

(I believe the Chronos pipeline generating ChronosInferredCommonEssentials is relatively new, and the portal’s code for computing common essential calls pre-dates that file. We probably should switch the portal to simply reporting what Chronos emitted as oppose to how it had historically worked)

Thanks for pointing this out.