Co-dependency Analysis


I have a pretty basic question here about the co-dependency correlation numbers. When the correlation is positive, does this imply that my gene of interest, and the gene on the list, are likely to be dropped together in the same cell line? And if the correlation number is negative, then the gene of interest and the gene on the list are not dependent of each other, and would likely have different outcomes in the dropout?

For example, BRAF (gene of interest) and MAPK1 (gene in co-dependency list) have a Pearson correlation of 0.67, implying that if BRAF dropped out of the CRISPR screen, MAPK1 would also drop out.

Looking for confirmation that this is the correct logical reasoning, or a correction if it is the opposite.


Your interpretation of positive correlation is correct. Negative correlation is trickier but also points to some form of relationship if it’s strong enough. For example, MDM2 and TP53 are negatively correlated.