ChromatinProfiling Data

Where can I find the detail analysis pipeline about ChromatinProfiling data and the data information about the final file?

If you find the file in the download section (I used the search box at the top to find the file)

You’ll be taken to a dialog box for the file. If you close that and click “View release details” we provide a citation where the original analysis was described.

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Thanks for your reply. I’d like to make sure if the value in each cell corresponds to the relative changes in the levels of the histone mark on histone H3.1 or H3.2, or the log2-fold change of the mark versus the median for each row (normalized data)?

Unfortunately, that is a question that is more detailed than I can answer. I’d recommend reaching out to the original authors of that paper, who are the ones who would be most likely able to clarify.


ok, thanks for your reply!