Blomen Hart intersection common essentials

Dear team,

I’m trying to get a list of the essential genes from the Blomen and Hart intersection as per the Readme.txt: “The essential and nonessential controls used throughout the analysis are the Hart reference nonessentials and the intersection of the Hart and Blomen essentials. See Hart et al., Mol. Syst. Biol, 2014 and Blomen et al., Science, 2015. Lists of these genes are provided as AchillesCommonEssentialControls.csv and AchillesNonessentialControls.csv.”

In a previous forum Q&A a member of your team said “Achilles common essentials are derived from Achilles gene effect”.

Can I check whether these are the same? That the Blomen & Hart intersection common essential genes are the Achilles common essentials from Achilles gene effect? (The downloaded AchillesCommonEssentialControls.csv contains 1248 genes).

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Jen,

There has been a name change. The file CRISPRCommonEssentials contains the essentials derived from the CRISPRGeneEffect file, while the AchillesCommonEssentialControls are the ones defined in Hart and Blomen.