Achilles common essentials in 23Q2

Hello DepMap Team,

I was using both post-Chronos “Achilles_common_essentials” and “CRISPR_common_essentials” from 22Q1 dataset in my project. I am currently updating my results according to 23Q2 dataset; however, only post-Chornos “CRISPRInferredCommonEssentials” was found.

Could I assume “CRISPRInferredCommonEssentials” (23Q2) is the updated version of “CRISPR_common_essentials” (22Q1)? And which would be the updated version of “Achilles_common_essentials” (22Q1)? I could find “AchillesCommonEssentialControls” in 23Q2 dataset, but could I treat this as the post-chornos updated version?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Nicole,

Yup, CRISPRInferredCommonEssentials is the updated version. We no longer offer an Achilles-specific common essential list. The AchillesCommonEssentialControls are the exogenously defined set of common essentials used for quality control and dependency inference in the Achilles pipeline.

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