Download tractability data

Hello DepMap Community,

I’d like to know if there is a way to download information displayed in the interface regarding the target tractability (Bioactive Compounds, Druggable Structure, Druggable by Ligand Based, Assessment, Enzyme) ?

Also, I see that these information are coming from canSAR. Could I ask how you retrieve canSAR data (API, file download, etc.) ?

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The information we get from canSAR is via an API which they had shared with us years ago. However, googling now, I can’t easily find any information about that API and I don’t recall if it was intended as a public API or not.

What I do know is the endpoint that we are at canSAR requires a key, so regardless of whether the API has public documentation, you would need to contact them to get a key.

I’d recommend trying to connect with the people that run canSAR to see if it’s possible to get programatic access to their database.


Nice tips phil thank you!

Joe King