Function of genes

Hi, is here some tool to see the function of the genes in my list cell lines?

I’m not sure that I understand your question. When you say the “the genes in my list cell lines” how are you going from cell lines to genes?

I suspect the answer is that we don’t have anything presently, but I would be interested in understanding what your use case is to see if it’s something we should investigate adding.


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Is there a list of gene IDs and their transcript ID?

By knowing the functions that genes have, I could learn about the metabolic pathways in which they are intervening and it would help a lot in various aspects among these disease prevention.

Our gene IDs are entrez gene IDs, so if one is looking for function of individual genes, one can use either gene symbols or entrez IDs to link DepMap data to external resources.

There’s resources outside of the portal like GeneCards ( BRAF Gene - GeneCards | BRAF Protein | BRAF Antibody ) If you’re looking for functions of lists of genes there’s tools that search for enrichment in that list of genes (for example enrichr Enrichr ) or DAVID ( DAVID: Gene Functional Classification ) and really a host of many more.

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Thank you so much, blessings :slight_smile: